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May 20, 2013

She laughed a lot. Maybe I was funny? No, I think she just laughed a lot. 

She paused a lot when she talked. But then, she would also talk too fast. Words rushed out and I couldn’t grab hold. I’d say “What?” and she’d blush, laugh and try again. Sometimes I just let it go. I think she was grateful.

She used her hands a lot when she talked. Trying to pull the words out, or something.

She was quiet a lot, too. It was all or nothing. I couldn’t stop her talking or I couldn’t start her. She wouldn’t jump in. She would let me talk and just stare, nodding, agreeing. I just kept talking and talking. I think she knew more about me at the end of it all than I did about her. Don’t think she minded that, really.  

She didn’t seem afraid. She was cheerful. I was freaking out and she tried to calm me down. Opened up her lunch bag and offered me her apple, her cake. God, that was a lot of lunch. The little bag of hers was full to bursting.

Lots of colour. She dressed bright. Too bright for me. I mean, I wouldn’t wear all that. But on her it seemed to fit. She was weird and it fit for her to be like that.

See, I didn’t think she was weird at first. But then she starts talking to me about cardboard furniture and shit, what’d she say… “complexity”, yeah that’s what it was. And slow cookers and beans. I tried talking to her about movies but she hadn’t seen any of the ones I talked about. Didn’t really have a good excuse for why not.

Seemed like a happy enough person. A very happy person, actually. But those are the ones that always make me nervous. They’re hard to peg. She was hard to peg.

Now, what did you say she did again? Stole a zebra? Who the hell would do that? On second thought, yeah. No, yeah, I see it. Poor kid. Lucky zebra, though. 

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