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Wild and fun: Seoni 7

July 17, 2013

If so far you’re getting the sense that I had a terribly sober time on my trip, you’re wrong.

“You were drunk the whole time?” (aside: I can just imagine you saying this, Aaron!)

No, silly. The other meaning of sober. Anyways, what I’m saying is that I had fun. I was Christmas-level excited when the overnight bus pulled up to the station in Bhopal. I was much less excited for the next ten hours, but I was definitely excited to get off the bus!

The roads to get the villages are sometimes more pothole than paved. We were in a small car, whipping and weaving along the roads, blasting some excellent Hindi music through the speakers and I was looking out the window at the fields of green, the shocking green of new (rice?) shoots and the people with their colourful, homemade rain shields and the bright paint on houses and wild trees of the jungle and the monkeys on the side of the road and…

“Seriously, there were monkeys?”

Seriously, there were. And the whole time I was just giddy. Things were so beautiful I almost couldn’t stand it. “How did I get to be here?” I wondered. “How the heck did I get so lucky?”

Our last meal with Agrini guys was at the Buffalo Treat Highway Restaurant. A twenty minute drive into the national park/tiger reserve, it had originally been a British officer’s retreat. Gaurav told me that in what were the officers quarters, there was a cage for a tiger. “Why would you ever want that?” I didn’t know. The real draw of the place (besides the signs saying BEWARE MONKEYS and pictures of Mowgli from the Jungle Book) was the giant banyan tree in the middle of the place. If I haven’t uploaded that picture by the time you read this, just Google ‘banyan tree’. How they form is so neat. There is a central trunk and branches, and then roots drop down from these branches. The whole thing looks kind of like really thick strings of spaghetti.

Anyways, I was here, enjoying a lovely meal and the whole time, in my head I was this constant refrain:
“Really? Really? I’m here? Really? This is so cool! Really?”

When we rode home on the bus, we drove by three marriage processions. The glittering lights, the drums and music, people dancing. Again, beautiful. I was struck by how much of the countryside is lit up. I wasn’t expecting that, the beacons of light everywhere.

And I saw a firefly! It was right beside the bus for a while and then it fell back.  

And that is where I will leave you for now. Slightly nauseous from exceeding my quota of overnight bus rides per year (the quota is zero, by the way :P) I am off to bed.

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