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What I’m here for.

January 28, 2014

After paying for rent, a person on Social Assistance in Ontario has $90 to pay for everything else they’ll need that month. Think about it. That $90 needs to cover transport, personal items and food.

Hunger in Ontario, courtesy of TVO & Why Poverty

Our first real challenge at Studio Y came from the Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services. She asked us to dig into their Student Nutrition Program – something that provides over 600 000 meals to kids across the province. She wants us to make it better.

As I’m digging in, I’m finding that the problem might not even be the nutrition program, though it does have problems. The problem might be really high rents, or a lack of ‘real’ jobs for people.

I’m a person who loves to stay in the abstract, but this is REAL. Real issues that are hurting so many people right now in so many ways. I think today was the first day it hit me – the kind of opportunity Studio Y is. To actually dig into problems, not just endlessly postulate about them. To be invited to submit ideas to a Minister – ideas that might actually change something.

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