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Minerva Day 4: Let There Be…

September 4, 2014

I’m starting to think that it’s a ‘thing’ in San Francisco to paint beguiling phrases on buildings.



If it is, I like it! “Let there be…” is an entirely appropriate encapsulation of the day.

Minerva said, “Let there be portrait sessions with professional makeup and lighting AND IT WAS SO.” (Photos coming later, I hope! I’ve never been asked to hum during a photo shoot before, so I really want to see the results!)

“Let there be a time for people to learn how to vault over cultural gaps AND IT WAS SO.”


“Let us be inside offices with windows that open, and let us have delicious cookies that soak up the afternoon sunlight, cookies that gaze out onto the San Francisco skyline with wonder and merriment, and then let us eat them AND IT WAS SO.”


“Let us be regaled by the wonderful and candid Bob Kerry, ex-Navy SEAL, governor, senator, university president and family man. Let him tell us about the role of lying in politics. AND IT WAS SO.”


“Let us embark on an epic rock-paper-scissors variant game AND IT WAS SO.”



“Let Brianna forget to bring her shorts for the activity session and pathetically attempt to do yoga without flashing anyone AND IT WAS (SORT OF) SO.”


“Let us finally venture into Chinatown only to find that the grocery store closes at 6 PM AND IT WAS A BUMMER.”


Who am I kidding? – It was a wonderful day.

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