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Minerva Day 7: Feet first

September 7, 2014

Today was the end of orientation. Free for the morning, I rounded up my parents and pounded the pavement on Grant Street, experiencing the tumult and colours of the Moon Festival.


Then, we headed to Land’s End. Zoey and Sultana’s Legacy Word explorations yesterday intrigued me enough to want to see the place for myself (and for my parents to see it too!). We were thrilled that we ventured out there. My feet were excited to feel the sand and the cold Pacific Ocean. They didn’t tell me, but I could tell.





I found my way back to the residence hall in time to help prepare for the Founder’s Feast. Together, we were cooking recipes from many of our respective countries. I wove through groups forming Swedish meatballs, testing Malaysian curry, chopping green onions for Scallion Noodles, and making icing for Nanaimo bars. I walked by a crock pot full of 1950s style American chili. I watched as some of the Israelis sliced tomatoes to use in Shakshuka (tomato sauce with eggs). I also washed a lot of dishes. There was this incredibly satisfying energy in the kitchen.



After we had finished most of the food prep, we were asked to leave the dining hall for almost an hour so that our surprise could be prepared. The Minerva Staff transformed the eating room into a candlelit restaurant, complete with printed menus and potpourri (pinecones and cinnamon-like wooden rolls). There was toasting and introduction of dishes, there was sharing of stories, great food, Paleo diet experiences and some relationship advice. I found myself using the word fantastic much more than I would normally.



We had a small talent-sharing gathering in the courtyard (improv! ukulele originals! singalongs about love! slam poetry!), which (d)evolved into a chain of questionably appropriate jokes. No pictures from that, though, because it was too dark outside. Or I was lazy? You take your pick.

The final present of the day was for my feet! Three pairs of bright and bold socks, as functional as they were beautiful. Fitting (yes they fit!) too, because in a day we will be starting this academic-life-everything journey. I feel ready. My feet do too.


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