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Minerva Week 24: Yosemite

March 25, 2015

I was lucky enough to spend four nights in Yosemite National Park, courtesy of a trip planned by MORE, Minerva’s Outdoor Recreation and Exploration student group. Yosemite is a magnificent, expansive place. Each day brought new experiences. I climbed up rock steps that had been blown into being by dynamite. I saw deer, and bluejays, but thankfully no bears. I lay in my tent as a powerful thunderstorm raged all around me, feeling full of awe. I had wonderful companions who endured my backwoods humour and my four-days-of-no-showering backwoods odour! I did not open a computer for five days. It was invigorating and restful, and it is a bit of a shock to be back in the city. This week will be full, to say the least, so expect a proper update on Sunday. Until then, enjoy these photographs of the crisp, sunny days I spent in Yosemite!

IMG_4854IMG_5226 IMG_3332 IMG_3323 IMG_3317
IMG_3376 IMG_3375
IMG_3368 IMG_3362 IMG_3359 IMG_3355
Credit for the first two photos goes to Rana Abu Diab, one of the other fearless campers! The rest are mine.

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