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Minerva Finale: From Here to Eternity

April 23, 2015

I know I have missed the last two weeks! Sorry! Both of my weekends have been traveling ones. I represented Minerva at the US College Expo in Toronto, and the last 14 days or so have been a blur of final assignments, practicing speeches, giving out informational cards, reconnecting with family, and flying on airplanes.

This will likely be the last post of my Minerva year one experience. As I say goodbye to San Francisco (for now!), I wanted to thank the people who have cared enough to follow my journey, and to share some of theirs with me. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity Minerva gave me to experience and shape the future of higher education, and for the supporters I was lucky enough to have in my corner. Every adventure I had, and every picture I posted, would never have been possible without the collective energy and effort of a village-sized group of people – the Minerva staff, students, and my own small army of loved ones.

I may not write another post for a while – it depends on whether I feel that I have adventures worth sharing – but I wanted to leave you with this photo. I took it at the Market Street prototyping festival. There is a face drawn in chalk at the middle righthand side of the photo, and to me, that face is San Francisco personified: colourful, focused, challenging and open to all that might be possible.

As I step boldly into my next year and a half, I want to keep this face in the back of my mind. I want to live gratefully and also dwell in possibility.


Nothing but the best to you all!

Take care,


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